Win by Playing

Join a tournament by paying an entry fee in one of the supported cryptos. Entry fee gets added to the prize pool, which gets distributed to the winners.

RIZEX gives every gamer the ability to participate in Esports tournaments. Tournaments will be held by entry fee categories, and gamers will be able to enter tournaments by paying the entry fee. The prizes will be distributed to the winning players at the end of each tournament.


Players will be able to mine RZX tokens by playing on the platform. When the player enters a tournament or 1v1 battle and pays the entry fee, RZX tokens will automatically be mined with a calculated ratio. By using RZX to pay the entry fee, a mining bonus will be added to their account.


Esports teams registered on the platform will have the ability to run a fundraiser, where users of the platform can fund their team with RZX tokens, and in return, receive benefits or rewards from the team. For this, a team must be verified and approved by our staff to protect users from fraud.


The future of the platform is in the users' hands. Users will be able to create custom propositions, suggestions, feedback and vote with RZX tokens.


Create and Manage your team through RIZEX platform. Apart from receiving the same benefits as individual gamers for team players, teams will have more perks & opportunities to step in the spotlight and become sustainable.


Apart from being able to raise funds through platforms' users, RIZEX has an Esports Fund which consists of 20% of RZX supply and one of it's missions is to help build the ecosystem of esports teams on the platform.


Gain fans & followers through the platform's teams page, featured section & livestreaming features.


Teams on the platform will also have dedicated pages, which will include list of games the team plays, members of the team, funding raised (when applicable), achievements, ranking in each game they play and number of supporters, which opens up opportunities for sponsorships.


RIZEX Platform

RIZEX will appeal to gamers starting from casual - Chess, Gomoku, to more hardcore - Counter Strike: Global Offensive

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive

CS GO is the standard of Esports gaming. Esports Teams & Individuals on RIZEX platform will be able to participate in 1v1 and Team vs Team tournaments.

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Chess & Gomoku

Play Chess & Gomoku against other players, enjoy the ranking system that allows you to compete with a same skill level. Platform web API will allow developers to integrate their games on the web platform.


At the beginning of each quarter, a detailed roadmap of that quarter will be released.


Idea is finalized and team is formed.


Team starts working on the platform & partnerships.

Q3 2019ICO & Token Distribution

ICO finishes and tokens are distributed. Platform Development continues.


Platform gets released. Marketing campaign starts to bring more players to the platform. First teams register on the platform. First Token Burn session.


Developer SDK gets released, new games on the platform. Marketing Campaign to raise developer awareness. Token burn session(s).


Unity & Unreal Engine 4 developer sdk gets released. New games on the platform. Partnerships.

Core Team & Advisors

Passionate about gaming, years of experience in the industry.

team member

Giorgi has 7 years of experience in gaming industry. Games Giorgi created and worked on have been played by over 100 million players globally. One of the companies he founded has been recognized as best innovation in CEE region by Microsoft.

Giorgi Tskhovrebadze Founder & CEO
team member

Nika has 4 years management experience. He has worked for top creative agencies in Georgia and is in charge of day-to-day operations.

Nika Jebirashvili Co-founder & COO
team member

Georgy is an excellent programmer with 3 bronze medals at International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI). He is in charge of our blockchain architecture.

Georgy Skhirtladze Blockchain Engineer
team member

Ahmed is an experienced programmer with over 5 years of experience and is a member of Tunisia's National Team of Informatics.

Ahmed Selmi Full Stack Developer
team member

From having nearly 400,000 followers on Facebook, to being a verified Twitch & Discord Partner and G2 Esports Streamer, Djordje Vracevic is an ex-esports professional player and Esports Influencer.

Djordje Vracevic Advisor, Esports Influencer
$174 Billion

Gaming Market Size is estimated to grow to $174 billion by 2021 according to NewZoo.

According to a Goldman Sachs report, Global Esports Revenues are expected to reach $2.96 billion by 2022.

Token Distribution

Token Sale: 5%
Product Development: 15%
Mining: 20%
Esports Fund: 20%
Marketing & Grand Tournaments: 20%
Team & Advisors: 20%

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